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Big Web Technologies is a professional web Development Company located in Gurgaon, India. We have expertise in custom web development and providing Web Development Services.
Our wide range of services includes fully functional Web Development, IT Consulting, SEO - SEM Services, Offshoring etc. At Big Web Technologies, we offer matchless Website Development Services, designing, and Graphic design at affordable prices.

A website is a certificate of your services. Digital presence provides you credibility in the eyes of people, as in today’s time people mostly rely on internet for their searches.Our web designers ensure most suitable digital experience for the clients. In website development all the major and minor element is taken care of such that website is easily accessible to all from various devices such mobiles, Tablets or Laptops, in minimum possible load time. The information structure is well planned and the content is formatted so it is easy to scan.

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A mobile application is a direct marketing channel for a business. A well designed Mobile application contributes greatly to the brand building and recognition. We excel in custom and native iOS, android and windows apps. Backend developer, platform apt, audience targeted.

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An image has a deep impression on the mind of the viewer. However a smartly designed graphic creates a farther lasting impression. A graphic design is the silent salesperson that works continuously at all levels. Our graphic designers make sure that the images they design capture client company’s identity and vision in a picture.

Design takes your product or service beyond parity and surrounds it with an aura of perceived value

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We provide automated marketing solutions to make frequent updates to all the channels of customer/audience engagement. A website that is search optimised, active presence on social media and incorporation of e-mails into marketing strategy…

As more and more people are getting connected to internet the scope of Internet marketing is also expanding. It is not only limited to business, but is widely used in other sectors such as politics, education, non profit organisations, and many more.
Even for business that do not sell online an online presence is needed as in today’s world of multitudes of options people turn to internet for every need. Hence, internet marketing becomes almost mandatory for any initiative that requires

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WE ARE Big Web Technologies

a digital infrastructure to help you meet your business objectives and overcome problems. Our job is to reduce the gap between you and your audience/customers to the minimal level. Basically, your growth is our profit.


Understanding the requirement or needs of the client is an important aspect.Every venture has its own unique requirements thus we customise ourself to perfectly fit in all your requirements.


We here at Trancis make sure that new concept ideas that are unique are conceptualized and converted into products.


We make sure that the time management for every project of ours results into increased effectiveness and productivity.


Big Web Technologies has a pool of dedicated web developers who provide online web developement support to our clients and guide them to smootly run their websites. We have some engagement models, based on that we offer expert Web Developers to hire

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As a web development company your growth becomes our responsibility.
Our team develops a unique plan for every client to provide the best web services.

Conceptualization phase in any project is the most important phase. It starts with gathering the informations regarding the project from the client then comes the analyzation of the requirements, which is preceded by preparation of the process documents. After this a dedicated team with resources required is been set-up. The conceptualization step ends with the completion of a document clearly stating the requirements upon which the client and the development team firmly agrees.

The design phase involves implementation of the details. The design phase results in a mockup or UI/UX of the project. This mockup is testable and it gives a clear cut view of the look and feel of the final website or application.This phase involves use of mockup softwares or designing tools like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.Working modules are also developed on the basis of final design.

This is the phase of real development or the coding of the project as per the technology stack finalised in the conceptualization phase and the UI/UX finalised in the design phase. We strictly follow Agile pattern for the development phase. Agile software development refers to a method of iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams. In simpler words, the whole project is done in small deliverable modules which are treated as an individual project in itself.

Deployment is the phase to validate and verify system. It means this phase, focuses on final system testing and user acceptance testing(UAT). Then the project is finally is deployed on the required server after UAT. After the deployment on the server the project is transformed into a product which is to be utilised by its users or customers. The further operations and maintenance are taken care of, and a dedicated team is needed to for the vigilance of the product to keep it up and running, successfully.


Our portfolio spans the wide range of industries, organizations and interests.
Here is the showcase of selection of our recent work. We let our work speak for us!

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